Real Black Daddies Standing Nude!

Posted on 3/16/2013 by Daddy Wood

Amateur mature African-American men found on the internet standing naked!

New At MEN OVER 30: CJ Madison

Posted on 3/16/2013 by Daddy Wood

CJ Madison. It's been about 3 years since we've seen this local hottie that took a break from the industry. He's now happily seeing someone; but admits he missed making so many friends while working in the industry. CJ is originally from Philadelphia and at 41 years young he's slowly wading back into the industry pool. He admits he still has people coming up to him by guys on the street that want to know if he's that guy in the porn movies. He's been approached on the street and on the beach and doesn't mind it one bit. He is into masculine and confident men that take care of themselves and their bodies. He's versatile in his personal life and admits that when it comes to sex he considers himself a 9 in the kink-o-meter, at!

CJ MADISON free video preview from!

New At POWER MEN: Carl Payne & Rocky Remington

Posted on 3/16/2013 by Daddy Wood

Rocky Meets the Drifter. We all love a challenge, especially when we get a front row seat to see how it all plays out. When we invited Rocky Remington to meet the mysterious drifter Carl Payne in our wrestling room, we hoped they'd go mano a mano - and we weren't disappointed! Check out what transpires between these two muscle giants once the rubber hits the road - or, more accurately, when the testosterone hits the wrestling mat at!

Carl Payne & Rocky Remington 27-minute hardcore CUM video from!

New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Valentin Petrov & Casey More

Posted on 3/16/2013 by Daddy Wood

Valentin Petrov this week helps welcome a new face to our site and the industry at "large", if you will, Casey More. This is going to be Casey's first hardcore webisode ever. Well, who better to ease him onto that pedestal than 34yo Valentin and his fat, uncut Russian cock? Casey is 24yo and from Arizona. Casey considers himself hetero-flexible. He prefers women but if an attractive guy comes along he'll consider it. Valentin is giving Casey a shoulder rub when things get a bit more personal. He goes in for a kiss as his hand dives south to grope at his cock. Valentin peels off Casey's tee shirt; kissing Casey as his hands explore his chiseled chest, abs and growing cock. Valentin helps Casey out of his jeans and once his cock comes into view he goes for it. He swallows Casey's cock to the hilt as he starts sucking his cock. Valentin then stands and lets Casey do the honors. As he pulls down his shorts, Valentin's cock springs out; almost slapping Casey in the face. "Oh shit, that's BIG!" Casey marvels at!

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ZEB ATLAS With Alexander & Diego

Posted on 3/16/2013 by Daddy Wood

Zeb's Threesome with Alexander and Diego. "Alexander and Diego visited me last time and we had a great time. Those two were really awesome. Check out how we do it in a threesome style that got me shooting load like never before" at!

BOUND IN PUBLIC Hustlaball 2012 Watersports Gangbang

It's the HustlaBall in Berlin and Sebastian Keys is the boy to be used in front of a crowd of over 3,000 horny men. Spencer Reed starts things off in the VIP room, stripping Sebastian down and dragging him around the room to sniff out cock. In the appetizer area Sebastian gets fucked by Chad Brock while the guests shove food in his mouth. Sebastian is brought out to the pool area where he gets pissed on, slapped, and fucked some more. After taking hot cum in the face, Sebastian gets the zipper then shoved into the pool to wash himself off before moving on to the HustlaBall stage show at!

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New At MALE JUNCTION VIDEOS: "Dicks & Thongs"

Posted on 3/14/2013 by Daddy Wood

Both guys are big admirers of sexy underwear, they love the look and feel of nice tight thongs wrapping around their cock and balls. Big pulsating bulges covered by silky smooth thongs makes the imagination run wild. The two guys came prepared for this session, Scott is wearing a white jock and Thongboy is wrapped in semi-translucent black undies which just allow a glimpse of the contents. Scott sucks and caresses daddy’s dick and balls through a layer of already precum stained fabric, finally revealing daddy’s cock with its big shiny mushroom head ready to be sucked and played with by Scott’s hot mouth. Silverdaddy Thongboy came well prepared and brought with him several pairs of sexy thongs, and the guys checked them one by one at!

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New At SPUNK WORTHY: Hairy Vince's Happy Handjob!

Posted on 3/14/2013 by Daddy Wood

Vince got in touch, asking about doing another video. I wasn't sure how he'd react, but I offered him some extra cash if he'd let me do the honors this time. After thinking about it for a while, he decided it might not be all that bad getting a handjob from a guy. When Vince showed up, though, I think he was more turned on by the idea than he realized he would be. After giving him a quick rub through his gym shorts, he was already hard. Vince asked to get some lube and as I rubbed it on to his hard dick it sent any lingering nervousness right out the window. He closed his eyes and started quietly moaning, "Oh, yeah," as I slowly worked my hands up and down his shaft at!

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New At NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN: "Freddy The Face Fucker"

Posted on 3/14/2013 by Daddy Wood

Freddy is a hot, hairy blond who hails from Sweden but now calls NYC his home. Freddy moved here a few years ago with his girlfriend. The gf works with the UN and Freddy does odds jobs to keep himself occupied. Keeping busy doesn't necessarily mean keeping out of trouble in his case. He quickly discovered that NYC is one of the best places in the world to get his cock sucked! He really loves blowjobs and his open minded girlfriend doesn't really care, in fact he says that she prefers that a guy blows him over another woman. The Swedes are very smart! Freddy arrived ready to test out Trey's cocksucking skills. They did not disappoint! Freddy fucked Trey's face right off the bat and Trey made his mouth feel like a velvet pussy which really turned Freddy on! Next was the sofa. Freddy got comfortable, spread his hairy legs and invited Trey to on his knees between them. Freddy kicked back while getting an expert cocksucking session.Trey's mouth caused Freddy to blow his load all over and was a very happy guy at!

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New At RUGGER BUGGER: French footballer Pantxi Sirieix naked!

Posted on 3/14/2013 by Daddy Wood

Ruggerbugger catch French footballer Pantxi Sirieix naked in the locker room at!

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New At CAZZO CLUB: Geoffrey Paine and Lobo Bayard Fist & Piss

Lobo Bayard drinks Geoffrey Paine's piss before getting fisted and fucked at!

New At SETH CHASE: Daddy Seth Creampied By Young Stud Kyle!

"This is the 1st time Ive ever been filmed taking a load in my ass. Ive Sucked off & swallowed Kyle’s load twice before. I then deposited a huge load deep in his ass. I really cant get enough of Kyle so this time I let him fuck me raw and shoot his cum deep inside me. Im used to topping and depositing my load in cum hungry asses. So it took me a little bit to get use having a cock in my ass. Kyle's cock has a pretty big head and it felt amazing. Once I relaxed I really got into it. I told him to go deeper and deeper with his cock. After Kyle pounds my ass in a bunch of positions, I pop my butt in the air and was ready to take his load" at!

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Real Naked Daddy Desk Boners!

Posted on 3/12/2013 by Daddy Wood

Nude daddies excited about their tax refund! Amateur older men found on the internet sitting naked at their office desk with hard mature cocks!

New At BAD PUPPY: Blond, Bearded Christopher Daniels

Posted on 3/12/2013 by Daddy Wood

Christopher Daniels (a lookalike for "Biggest Loser" fitness instructor Bob Harper) comes to us from Las Vegas. He loves to work out and does a great deal of traveling. After the interview Christopher stands in front of the mirror and slowly undresses. He bends over giving a great view of his pulsating hole and gives his hard cock some rubbing and tugging, while firmly squeezing his balls. He's a true red head and sports a sexy beard and mustache, along with some trimmed up red pubes. He bends over and with one leg up on the couch and one on the floor, he milks his man meat and finger massages his ass. Now laying back on the couch, he takes a firm grip, working the top portion of his cock as he nears his peak. When he cannot hold back any longer, Christopher delivers multiple cum squirts across his upper chest and across his entire torso at!

CHRISTOPHER DANIELS video preview from!

ALPHA MALES Classic: Bruno Knight and Samson Stone

Posted on 3/12/2013 by Daddy Wood

Hammer (Bruno Knight) and Crowbar (Samson Stone), it appears have little work to do. The Boss, Trojan Rock, throws them some boxes to sort as he leaves the Handymen HQ, but as soon as he leaves, the guys have other things on their minds. These hairy rugged muscle fuckers, soon start eating every hairy bit of each others super muscled bodies they can. Licking every hairy inch of each other's sweaty bodies, from their massive pecs, to their beards and pits, these guys pant and sweat. Eating each others hairy holes, with passion, this is one hairy fuck fest that will leave every hairy muscle worshiper gasping, as is the final scene where Bruno Knight fills Samsons waiting mouth with his incredible load of cum. Samson finishes Bruno off by licking every last drip from Bruno's cock slit as it continues to ooze from the mans massive cock at!

Bruno Knight and Samson Stone video preview from!

New At MEN OVER 30: James Hamilton & Alex Adams

Posted on 3/12/2013 by Daddy Wood

James Hamilton turns 30 this week and finally able to say he's a proud Man over 30. Who knew? James is from Kansas City, for those of you unfamiliar with this hottie. This week he'll get to be the one making his co-star, Alex Adams a member of the MenOver30-by-injection club. Alex is 26 years young and this smooth morsel is originally from Baltimore. They are both str8 and prefer the ladies but don't mind that guys want what they got. Both didn't realize that they had something going on between their legs once they started doing porn and were able to compare with others in the biz.

James and Alex are celebrating James' birthday and it's time to give that cock of his a present. They start making out as Alex helps strip James, freeing that hard cock of his. James gasps as Alex goes down on his hard cock. This is just what he needed as he stands to give Alex better access to that cock of his. He starts to fuck his face as he pulls off Alex' t-shirt followed by his jeans. Once those jeans come off, Alex' cock is finally freed. It isn't out long before James goes down on him. James shoves Alex' thick cock down his throat so deep he can't help but gag on it. They go back to kissing as they stand and stroke their cocks together. Alex isn't done with that dick so he moves James over to the counter where he gets one leg up on the chair which giv es him easy access to that fat cock and smooth ass. He buries his face into that hot hole as James moans his praises. Alex' tongue slides deep inside making James beg for more as he pushes his ass up against Alex' eager mouth. That tongue isn't going to cut it after a while so Alex sits back and has James ride his fat cock at!

James Hamilton & Alex Adams free video preview from!

Now Playing At HOT BAREBACKING: Bareback Pool Party Part 1

Posted on 3/12/2013 by Daddy Wood

A 17-man bareback orgy! No matter what kind of guy you like, this video has them all: muscle studs, daddies, college jocks, teenage twinks, you name it! All set poolside - just the thing to warm you up this winter with Alex Treyek, Cameron Cruise, Dick Diggler, Mark Horn, Mikey Small, Patrick Ives, Paul Marsalla, Paxton, Ten Inch, Tyler at!

Bareback Pool Party Part 1 video preview from!

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